CMC-300 Optical and Laser Alignment System


The CMC-300 System greatly reduces Overhead-Vehicle downtime during robotics teaching operations for the 300mm Kokusai Vertical Diffusion Furnace.

The System allows operators to stand outside of the furnace and teach all of the robotics teach points without opening the doors which would otherwise interfere with the OHV.

One of the most important benefits of the CMC-300 System is the amount of time saved during teaching operations of the tool’s Cassette Loader.

The CMC-300 System is not only useful for Kokusai VDF’s, it can also be used on any equipment that moves FOUPS..





  • Greatly reduces costly OHV shut-downs for robot teaching and verification
  • Precise alignment of FOUP eliminates the possibility of wafer damage during placement
  • 75% reduction in teach times means improved up time and tool availability
  • Improved maintenance staff skills