Installation and Conversion Services
Installation Services

Standard site installation is included with all major vertical furnace purchases. Additional specialized work including retrofits, conversions, upgrades and moves can be contracted with Kokusai in order to meet your specific needs.

Furnace Startup Assistance And Installation

Kokusai works with our customers to provide startup and installation assistance to meet their schedule needs. Kokusai will schedule installation after confirming that the pre-installation items have been properly performed by the customer including environmental concerns, utility, gas and electrical connections.

Request A Product Enhancement Quotation

Within the flexible framework of our technical consulting, Kokusai recognizes that some customers only require specific services. Kokusai offers a wide range of retrofit and upgrade options to maximize the efficiency, cost of ownership and extended life of our products. All of the enhancements made available to our customers can be expertly installed and qualified by our knowledgeable field service engineers, all for a reasonable price and within a specific time frame. The scope of our deliverables are provisionally agreed to in advance and discussed in detail during the quotation process to eliminate any unexpected surprises, and ensure that our customers' process requirements are met.

Installation and conversion services are offered for many enhancements or modifications. Each project is quoted for the specific task at hand and consists of "Description and Price", "Total Labor Estimate" and the "Total Travel and Living Expenses".